Mar 17, 2010

Princess and the Frog Update

Something I did after we finished up on Frog.

So Princess and the Frog is out on DVD now (the blu-ray has a rough animation version of the film), so as promised here are the scenes that Amanda and I had the privilege of doing clean-up inbetweens/breakdowns on. I might come back to edit this post to add more info.
(in order of screen appearance)

And everyone should go over to Matt Williames' blog. He was an animator on Frog and he's posted some of his pencil tests! GO NOW.


  1. Now my parents can watch the credits all they want :p

  2. Hey Boris,
    Great job on the movie! You and Amanda are the best!:D


  3. congratulations on a job well done to you and the crew..if you can Boris, it would be nice to see some production drawings. keep it up!

  4. wow, that dress must have been a lot of work to clean up!

  5. Andrew, the dress wasn't too bad. They had marked the layers with circles and x's to tell the layers apart.

  6. Congrats! This is something to be proud of. :D