Dec 15, 2009

Princess and the Frog

So Princess and the Frog had it's wide release this past Friday. Right now it sits at just over $27 million. Amanda and I had a really great experience working on the film. We were only working on it for about 3 months over the summer at Yowza Animation, wish it could have lasted longer but we came on really close to the end of the production.
We both learned a lot from doing clean-up. It was kind of a void that we never really went over at school but I'm a lot more comfortable with it now. Even when it comes to animation, I think we picked up a few things here and there that will help us down the road.

Left to Right: Pierre Chiasson, Boris Maras, Claude Chiasson, Amanda Zima, and Roger Chiasson

In total, we worked on about 7 scenes in the movie.Ranging from doing a lot of clean-up inbetweens and breakdowns to scenes that only needed a few clean-up inbetweens. It was fun when we split up scenes and got to collaborate with some Sheridan grads Matt Kalinauskas, Mario Richard and Nick Watson. When the DVD comes out I want to screencap the scenes we worked on and post those too.

Left to Right: Amanda Zima, John Musker, Boris Maras, and Ron Clements

Yeah, so hopefully we can do this again. It was a pleasure working with everyone and there's some extremely talented people working there. I think the movie looks gorgeous. Ron, John, everyone at Disney,and everyone from the partner studios did a marvelous job! Congrats everybody!

Now it's back to working on my graduate short film. It's coming along, I want to get stuff up on the blog soon but more importantly I have to finish some work before the winter break.


  1. That's so awesome!! I'm glad you guys had such a good time, it looked like such a great studio to work at! The animation was all I could focus on when I saw it last weekend, must've been incredible to see it up close every day! I'll have to hound Mario about it when I get back to New Brunswick!

  2. Just saw the film yesterday, it was awesome.. I totally loved it :) Jennifer and I saw your name in the credits and we fully geeked out X) Congratulations!!

  3. congrats, you guys! we found your name in the credits too! but couldn't find matt or mario..

  4. Thanks guys! :D

    Tapan, they've gotta be there, they did much more than us! :p Though I also didn't notice theirs, I was in a panic trying to find our names since the names were all bunched together and going so fast! I found mine and then one of our friends pointed out Boris' :D