Aug 25, 2009

Zoo Trip #2

So Amanda and I went to the zoo again yesterday with Ben and Chris. Wasn't as rusty this time around so I did a bit better. The new polar bear exhibit is a lot nicer than it used to be too. They have a pretty big underwater viewing area now, it was awesome being so close to them while they were play-fighting underwater.

Everything below is from life except the elephant in colour. I'm trying to figure out how to anthropomorphize them and make them animatable and expressive.

Also, I should have mentioned that the hunter isn't related to my film. He shan't be hunting elephants anytime soon.


  1. Really nice Boris! The first elephant is my favourite. He looks so grumpy though ;)

  2. boooo! No elephant hunt down?

    your film has just gown down 30% on IMDB now.



  3. i LOVE those elephants!

    and i'm digging ur polar bears too

  4. Very nice man. So pleasing to look at. Great Job!

  5. i like the elephant on the wheelchair the best =0 j/k cool that ur drawing a lot of elephants, they're fun to look at.