Aug 15, 2009

More Sketches

Amanda and I have started going to the mall and zoo more, now that school is closing in on us.
I've also decided on an idea for my 4th year film that I'm getting excited about, it's a brand spanking new fresh-outta-my-head idea so I haven't done any drawing for it yet. Soon though...sooon.
Meanwhile here are some more zoo/cafe sketches... Again.


  1. nice drawings dude, really nice line economy and attitudes. can't wait to hear about your new idea. peace outzzz.

  2. You captured the orangutan's playful attitude really well. It was pretty funny when he smushed his face up on the glass :D

  3. You know when you see someone looking up at something and then you look up as well to see what he sees out of curiosity? Well the cafe sketch you have of the old guy who's looking up, holding a mug, makes me want to do that haha (intriguing how a drawing could have that same affect ...or maybe its just me?) Yeah I like your drawings man. Can't wait to see your elephant film!